Dean Middhat

Dean Middhat is a Black Belt with 17 years experience in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and MMA and is also undefeated in Boxing. As well as having a Sports and Exercise Science teaching Degree, Dean has taught Physical Education and Science in secondary schools, this is reflected in his teaching style, which has an unmatched ability to relay key information to get the best out of the people he teaches and to tailor the learning experience to each individual in order to maximise their potential. Dean received his Black Belt under the highly respected Roger Gracie black belt Cesar Lima at Grand Union, we can trace Deans roots to the source of the Gracie family tree, Dean has trained extensively in the world-famous Tiger Muay Thai and Phuket Top Team gyms in Thailand and brings that core technique from the source to his classes. An Instructor for one of the world-leading BJJ schools Dean also has had over 7 MMA fights against top competition and worthy opponents in the MMA circuit with only one decision loss on his record. Highly ranked in his sports BJJ competition days, as well as being an extremely sought after combat sports commentator, Dean has collected and perfected masses of skills and technique over the seventeen years he has practised the martial arts. As a highly sought after combat sports, BJJ and MMA presenter and commentator, Dean has commentated famous shows such as BAMMA, Contenders, ROC, and he is currently the head commentator for the UFC endorsed Olympics of MMA the IMMAF, Dean has fought and commentated events live on TV and pay per view across the world.


Titles held

  • UCMMA Contenders Middleweight champion 2012
  • Bronze medal Brighton open 2012
  • Bronze medal Kent Open 2011
  • Undisputed Boxing Cruiserweight champion 2011
  • WUMA Middleweight and Heavyweight MMA champion 2010
  • ZT Fight Skool Amateur MMA Tournament Champion 2010

Check out Dean in action in the cage!

Check out Deans commentary on sky channel Dave, live from Dublin in Ireland on Europe’s leading MMA show BAMMA!